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Flatcore – Superflat Hardcore Survival


Flatcore is defined by a superflat world. An ocean of grass everywhere you look, filled with slimes during day and crawling with monsters during night. Find a village to get wood, stone and food. Look for chests with saplings or diamonds and build a kingdom out of nothing thanks to the magic of renewable materials.

We pioneered superflat survival for multiplayer. Custom features and code make the world immersive and fun.

Here is why you should play Flatcore.

  1. Flat world devoid of resources. Use your skills to turn items you find into renewable farms and grinders. You won’t survive without them.
  2. Huge world filled with auto-restoring villages and restockable chests with essential loot (saplings, diamonds). You will be able to find a place to call home.
  3. Completely custom Flat Nether with custom structures, mineshaft system and new dehydrationmechanic. See for yourself:
  4. Death Penalty. You die, you go to Limbo for 1h:
  5. Extra Hard. Mobs are tougher and smarter. Endermen will teleport you if they cannot reach you. Creepers will make you nauseous. Ghasts fireballs send you flying up and Wither explodes with strength of thousand suns. And spawns minions. And blows up obsidian.
  6. Are you a superflat veteran? We have pre-1.3 slime rates. Come experience a total green apocalypse. Fap. Slap. Fap fap.

And here is why you should stick with us as your main server

  1. Whole staff plays legit. We die, lose items and go to Limbo too.
  2. No pay to win perks.
  3. If you want to rank up, you have to work on it and complete weekly challenges, the same for every other player. No favoritism.
  4. Mature community (median age: 20) which is not afraid to joke but will never attack you or make you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Great and active staff keeping an eye that the promise of clean and accepting community is kept.

We have been working on making this server the best for almost two years now. Many mechanics had to be invented from scratch and many features redesigned and rethought to make them balanced when used by hundreds of players.

You should join us on Flatcore.
If your pride can survive your first death, you will be just fine.

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