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SpiritCraft! Where the players come first.

Q: Why should I join SpiritCraft?

A: We love our players and they are always considered to have right of say meaning anything a mass of players want, we will add. You want something gone, we will remove it. After all, we care.

Q: Why should I choose SpiritCraft over another server?

A: We have a map that most servers don't! It is a full snow covered world with bio-domes, bases, skeletons, ice mountains and more randomly generated around the map!

Q: Can I be a staff member?

A: Sure! We love having people apply, all you have to do his fill out our application form here.

Q: I am a good builder, are there any ranks for me?

A: Yes, we have the Architect and Senior-Architect ranks! Talk to a Founder in-game.

Q: I don't like the snow in this map, are there any alternatives?
A: Unfortunately, no. But you can ask a Senior-Admin or Founder to make you your own build area with a grass floor, glass walls and a glass roof.

Some plugins we use:

Core Protect
Many more

Exploring this world you will find different surface features. Among them are ice mountains and ice ridges, built up by weather from above and tectonic shifting from below.


Old towering mountains raise up from the stony surface below the ice and up to the sky. Mine them for stone and ores.

Ice caves

At places something unknown has carved caves tunneling themselves around in the ice. They can provide a quick way to get down to the planet surface. You may also find exposed frozen tree trunks in these.


Rarely you might find small caves in the stone layer where the old planet life is barely hanging on. if you plan to make life return to this world then this is a good place to start.

Ancient mazes

During the last days of the civilization that once inhabited the planet they built these bases closer to the planets warm core where they attemted to live on as the surface froze. Unfortunately they all perished all the same and all that is left of them are these mazes. Find these and you will find a lot of useful resources in them.


It is rumored that those who once inhabited this world has created vast glass domes on the old surface, in an attempt to preserve some of the planets original life forms as they realised that the planet was doomed. If you find one of these, explore it as you might find some valuabe resources stored in them.


A far off mission on the planet has reported finding this structure. It is still being analyzed, but it does seem as if huge animals like this once lived on the planet. Perhaps they are responsible for the tunneling ice caves? While it would be amazing to find one of these alive, it would also strike anyone who encounters it with great fear!

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