This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Craftite SMP - Survival No Grief No Steal


My name is NinjaKap, Admin (Or Owner) of Craftite SMP.
And I want you to come join this wonderful Server!

Our Staff are wonderful, and we want to share the server with the public!

We do not like Griefing and Stealing. The Rules are posted below.
We Do have a Protection System - Protections are bought as Spawn

No Griefing
No Stealing
No Cussing
No Spamming - No Caps Lock on Type
You are Responsible for your own Account - we don't buy into the hacking excuse.
Respect Staff
Don't Ask for Staff - apply on the Website
Don't ask for anything - It is a Survival Server, and there is an Economy set-up for your use at the Shop.
Don't Abuse Glitches

Plugins (GamePlay Only):
WorldGuard - Protection Stones avaiable at Shop
DynMap - Avaiable On Website
ReverseWool - turn white wool into string!
Coreprotect - Dont get Griefed!
ChopTree2 - Auto chopping Trees (Must be Registered on Website)
XpBoost - Purchase VIP for x2 XP forever!!!
ChestShop - Make your own Shops!
BasicCraft - A few more Recipies
Votifier - yes! vote away!
Mob Catcher - Catch mobs with Eggs (Must be Registered on Website)
MobCash and Economy - Money!!!
Enjin - Website Stuff

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