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Space Crafters - Space Astronomy



Modpack: Space Astronomy
Hosting Provider: AnvilNode
CPU: Intel XEONs
RAM: 5GB RAM (Will upgrade if more people join the server)
Location: US (Considering moving to France)
Backups: Every 16 Hours


*We aren't running cauldron ATM.I am still waiting for AnvilNode to answer my ticket.We will get plugins in the next days however.

For now,pure survival.If people want too,I might add Factions.For now, sticking with Grief Prevention.


*We are looking for mature and trustworthy staff.

Owner: marios_mariakis
Co-Owner: JimGentlemen

We have a town

On join

---Banned Items---
Chunkloaders (Donation only, use free SpotLoaders)
Sacred Rubber Sapling
Spatial IO Port
Network Tool
Block Placer
Fronisium TNT
Obsidian TNT
TNT Cannon
Uranium Bomb
Mekanism Flamethrower
Weather Obelisk

---More Changed Items---
Nuclear Reactors,and Nukes have a blast radius of 1.
TNT has a blast radius of 4, FYI

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