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Acutecraft Creative

Acutecraft Creative


AcuteCraft is a 24/7 creative, freebuild server open to all people of all ages and nationalities. It consists of multiple worlds, but the four main ones are:

Flat World:
A world where new guests show their talents, and get ranked up based on how impressive the builds they create are. The flat world is wiped every now and then to avoid clustering of builds. Players remain in this world for the Guest and Builder ranks.

Member World:
The server's main world, where players of rank Member and above reside. It is a naturally-generated world, where builder's are expected to build 'flowing with the landscape' instead of on a completely flat surface.

This world is only accessible for players of rank Member and above. It is a snow/ice based biome world to present new terrain and features that can't be found in a regular Minecraft world. (This world is currently unaccessible to anyone, as we are currently setting stuff up, it will be released shortly.)

Hell: You need to be member rank or higher to get here but if you feel like building a nether fortress or just like the warmer climate then Hell is the place for you to build!

Survival: For those of you that just wanna get back to the basics and rough it we now have a vanilla survival world that is governed by survival of the fittest. You can gain access to this world as early as Verified rank.

  1. Do not grief.

  2. Do not spam, and please keep your caps to a minimum.

  3. Do not make obscene or potentially offensive builds.

  4. Do not ask for promotions or if a certain build will rank you up. The staff decides whether a build is worth a promotion or not. You may ask staff to review your builds and give you advice; we would be more than happy to do so.

  5. Do not advertise other servers. If you enjoy a server, that's great! But do not advertise it on our server.

  6. Do not post racist or inappropriate comments in the chat.

  7. Respect the staff and the server at all times. Insulting us will not help you in any way, except for the fact that it may very well ruin your reputation. We are just here to moderate the server and aid other players to the best of our abilities; we are not your enemies.

This is the rank that everyone starts with. They have limited access to commands for safety purposes.
/i - to spawn items

Verified: Gain access to- /fly and unlocks ability to gain ranks

Builder: This is the third "guest" rank, but has access to more commands. It is given to those who have built a decent creation in the Flat world.
/sethome allows you to set a home point.
/tpa - Sends a teleport request to a player.
/ptime - Sets time for the specific player.
/who - Lists online players.
/afk - Sets you as "afk" (away from keyboard).
/msg - sends an in-game message to a player.
/ci - Clears your inventory.

Member: Members have access to the main world. Yay! It is given to those who have shown competent building skills.
/jump - Lets you jump ahead a few blocks.
/tpahere - Sends a teleport request to a player.
/gamemode - Lets a player set their gamemode.
/powertool - allows you to set a command on a tool.
/mail - Lets you send, read, or clear in-game mail
/warp - Lets you teleport to a warp.
EliteMember: This rank is simply a buffer between member and WorldEdit access, no extra commands/permissions are obtained with this rank.

Architect: Given to players who show potential in the main world. They have limited WorldEdit access.

Composer: Given to players who've shown more talent. Access to some more WorldEdit commands.

Designer: Full World Edit access! Hooray!

Craftsman: Access to LiteSniper and you can choose a colorful nickname
Access to VoxelSniper.

A mod with a purple asterisk before their 'Mod' rank is a TMod, these are Temporary Mods. They are the lowest staff rank and have limited perms. These Mods are in a 'probationary period' in which they have the chance to prove to the staff that they can 'handle' having a staff rank. If they can't, they will be demoted back to their previous rank, if they can, they will be inducted as a Mod.

Mods are an integral part of AcuteCraft's staff team. It is not for everyone, and is not gain-able through building. Mods are specially handpicked by staff members. They are responsible for enforcing the server rules. They report directly to the Admins of the server. There is only 8 Mods/SMods maximum at a time.

Occasionally you will see a Mod with an asterisk before their 'Mod' rank. These are SMods, otherwise known as Sniper Mods. The only extra powers these mods have is they get full VoxelSniper access, where as a regular Mod has just LiteSniper.

Admins are the higher-ranking staff members. They are former mods who have shown efficiency within the staff team. Admins report directly to Head Admin. There is only 4 Admins maximum at a time.

Pretty self-explanatory rank. The owners of all the server! They have the ultimate authority on any issue. Currently held by Psichotix ,Lhoto and Yamz.

How do I rank up?!
After attaining Verfied rank (which is the easiest rank to get) you just build something on the server that you yourself are proud of, request a staff to kindly look at your build. Note that sometimes they might be busy, this is alright. They will get to you. Don't automatically expect a rank-up however, the staff member will most likely request you to add or possibly change something about your build. If so, take their advice into account and look into other ways you can improve your build. Don't just ask another staff member thinking they have different standards.

if you find you have been griefed please DON'T repair it yourself. Report it to staff right away so they can find the person who did it and ban them. It will be fixed to perfect condition in seconds.

I see you like to spam ... your choices are Mute, or Ban.

I love the server! Anyway I can help?
That's awesome! Sure thing, visit our website and maybe donate? ;D

Its part of our "grey-list" Verified and Builder ranks have limited access to creative, but you can fly with /fly and spawn in items with /i [item] [amount].

Where can I build??
In Flat, to get there: Read all of the signs in spawn to get a good idea of how things work then walk a straight line out of the city gates to a platform labeled "Flat", simply walk into the beacon and wooosh! you are there. From there just follow a path STRAIGHT out of flat spawn to find the building areas.

You can visit our website to donate, or just to stay connected.

Like us on our Facebook Page.

Visit our Planet Minecraft post, make sure to give us a diamond and vote for us, thanks!

Check out our AcuteCraft video!

We are sponsored/hosted by Decision Hosting.

We hope to see you soon!

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