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~~MythicCrafters ~~{Factions}~{McMMO}~{Marriage}~L


MythicCrafters? What is it!?

MythicCrafters is a friendly community that has been around for several years.  It's ranged from owner to owner, which in turn makes it go from playing one way, to playing a different way.  Currently we're a PVP server, and we plan to stay that way for a while.  We have a great community, staff, website, and server to ensure the best experience for all minecraft players.  

Sounds Cool. What do I do?

This is where you get to choose.  You can go solo, join a faction, or create that faction that the other players will have to bend at the knee to the might of. You can go frolick off into the sunset, with your brand new bride, whom will give you extra Exp and health when nearby, or you can build up your levels and become the almighty with McMMO.  No matter what it is, you choose!

Awesome!! What plugins are there?

 Mythic Crafters ensures the great experience of all players.  We have a variety of plugins for everyone to play around with.  The ones we have for the fun experience of the players are:  DrugsXL (Yes, Drugs! Make your own, sell them, or keep them and just do them yourself!),  Marriage (Marry that special minecrafter you've been dreaming of; Get more ExP when near, more health, etc),  McMMO (Build up your levels in any skill and then battle it out to see who's the best! .. or just become a super mining ninja!),  MobArena (Enter into the arena, but not against other players, but against mobs! Endless waves of mobs to see how far you can get; the farther, the more rewards),  Factions (Rule the server by creating the most powerful faction and live with the players under the might of your sword!).  The other plugins we have to ensure that no one messes up your minecraft experience are: Tickets (You can submit a ticket to an admin and it will keep pestering them until they answer it!  Cool right?  Who doesn't like annoying admins?) ,  Combatlog  (To keep those pestering losing fools from teleporting or leaving the game when they're about to lose!).

That sounds waay too cool! Where do I join at?

You can join at That's right, We're here waiting! We also have a website, where you can apply for staff, interact with the rest of the community, or suggest/report people or ideas for us to do or fix! It's all there! So what are you waiting for? Join us now! We're excited to see you come! We're also looking for staff!

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