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VariantCraft | Survival / Creative / BowSpleef (1.


VariantCraft is a very friendly server for those looking for a specific gamemode as well as those just looking for a place to hang out! VC is run by experienced staff who know how to make a server fun and tend to your every need.

VC is online 24/7 and is always open to everyone!
The IP is:

Here is a description of the game modes we have available.

Survival is basically every player for himself. In this world, it's you pinned against everything that moves... including other players. You must depend on yourself for survival and always... ALWAYS watch your back. A good choice for you faction-haters.

Creative is for the more artistic players. We use a plugin called PlotMe, where users can claim their own plot and build what they want inside that plot. You may add other players to your plot as well. Definitely a good environment for builders.

We wouldnt be complete without a Factions world. This world is a good choice for team players and those who want to take disputes to the battlefield! In this world, you are pinned against other factions for survival... The only way to survive is to conquer.

BowSpleef is just like spleef... but with Bows! Definitely a fun sideshow attraction!

Join VariantCraft for the best Minecraft experience!

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