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The Fight for Zurinthia


The Fight for Zurinthia is a custom-mapped RPG server, which offers a variety of ways to play. You can focus your money on buying spells, weapons, and armor, and focus on questing and PvE, or buy a horse and ride around in our selection of battlegrounds.We currently have two races to choose from. One is more magically attuned, while the other is a stronger, more physical class. We will release several expansions, the first of which may be bought with in-game money when released. Alpha testers will be granted free access to some of the first expansions. The application may be found below. Testing will begin within 2 weeks. We will need a total of 10 Alpha testers for the first wave. Please comment if you want to test the Azurius race (magically attuned) or the Infernian race (stronger and more physical). There are many ways to play your player, you can use spells and abilities to conqer your foes. Or you can use swords axes and brute strength. See you in Alpha!

Good Luck From The AJ Craft Crew!

Alpha Tester Application

1.) Do you have any experience with this genre of server? If so, what experience do you have?
2.) How long, over the course of a week, are you able to test?
3.) Are you able to report any problems you find, instead of taking advantage of them?
4.) Do you understand that if, for any reason, the owner or co-owner decides to remove you from the testing team, they may do so?
5.) How old are you?
6.) Any additional information?
7.) IGN

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