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Ampersand - [24/7] PvE Survival; GriefPrevention,


est. March 2011

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Ampersand is a "mostly vanilla" PvE survival server that has been running for over 4 years!

PLUGINS (That you can use)

Fe - Economy


Squire $5-19:
Prefix: [Squire]
Trails: smoke and spark

Knight $20-39:
Everything Above
Prefix: [Knight]
Trails: hearts, angry, fire
Disguises: Mushroom Cow

Wizard $40+:
Everything Above
Prefix: [Wizard]
Trails: magic, spell, code
Disguises: Ocelot

This rank is reserved for those who have donated to the server 6 months or more.
Everything Above
Prefix: [Legend]
Trails: firework, color
Disguises: Iron Golem

As usual, the ultimate perk is the server staying up and running!



  • Griefing and Stealing is not allowed in the Overworld. The Nether and End are fair game, though. Keep an eye out for those who break this and report them, please.

  • Protect your items. We will show no sympathy to those who do not use the tools given to them. If you need a golden shovel, feel free to ask! This is in exception to the spawned items rule.

  • Respect all other players and their property regardless of how you are treated. Screenshot the offender and report on our forums or send us a message, please. We will deal with them.

  • Admins will not give handouts. Never ask for spawned items.

  • Admins will not teleport you. Do not ask without good reason.

  • Excessive profanity is frowned upon on this server, so watch what you type. We have no problem with some here and there, but it's not what we want our chat to be filled with. Also keep in mind that there are many children playing on this server.

  • Don't ask for creative. If you want to play in creative, go to a Creative server. We suggest!

  • Client mods/hacks are not allowed on this server, don't use them. You will be banned permanently if you are caught using them. This includes Xray. Minimaps are allowed.

  • Do not exploit glitches in the game to your advantage.

  • Do not advertise other servers.

  • No hate speech. This includes symbols such as the Swastika.

  • Most importantly... Have fun!

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