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Relentless Factions

Relentless Factions [24/7] [1.9.4/1.10]


Relentless Factions has one goal: not to be your typical server.
Our aim is to build a community of players to create a fun, playable environment for all. You won’t find colossal bases of obsidian, nor thousands of players looking to claim all.
Come join our community and play Minecraft the way YOU want to. Play with friends, go solo, be a builder, be a raider, the choice is yours with Relentless factions.

We are currently looking for staff; if you’re interested please contact me on skype for details. (fred2s3)

But huh? What makes our server unique?

We have only just started so the map is very fresh and the perfect time to start. But do not worry Our server is not abandoned! Within 2 days we have plenty of active players.

Friendly Community
Our entire community does not want to cause you displeasure and really hopes you enjoy your stay on Relentless. We have procedures in place for abusive players.

Open for suggestions
Because were new we are working on many things and you can help us by suggesting ideas. We are also working on some Custom Plugins!

Exclusive [First] rank for all those who join within 2 weeks of launch (25/06/2016)!
With /feed

Come ingame or add me on skype(fred2s3) for more details!

I really hope you can give relentless a try :)

  • Freddie (fred3s4)

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