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GalactiCraft [Factions] [PvP] [Grief/Raid] 1.7.2/4


Hello. Seb here and I wanted to show you my newly-resetted server. It is resetted temporary because of the old map was a bit boring without anything to do. So we reset the map and added Factions! A unique server with Faction's, KillStats, lottery and lot's of more amazing plugin's! We got 5+ dayily player's without any lag so I have no idea why not more player's join. So this is griefing/raiding server.
You start with stone tools, some porkchop and a land claimer(Golden shovel) It is not working so don't even try it :P I will ofcourse remove it from the starter kit soon. Also we ARE looking for staff member's that are atleast 16 year's or older. You can still apply. But I wan't mostly 16+ staff member's. You could be just 13 or so, as long as you use grammar in chat, are nice to everyone and respect every single player in the server. I hope this description made you join and I hope to see you ingame. :) PS: The server isn't using GalactiCraft currently, because we are waiting for GalactiCraft 3 (1.7 version) to be released.

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