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Thank you for choosing DarqueCraft, to start out I'd like to introduce myself. I am Elunria, or LuLu for short. I've recently began to play Minecraft and cannot seem to find a suitable server to call my own, so I made one myself! I'm seeking not only players but mod's and others who wish to help me build this server from ground up!

?Vanilla Server?
This is a Vanilla Server, meaning old school survival. Start with nothing, build to make everything through your imagination! Some plug-ins will be added later and which will be based on the players advice or input. Over all I just want it to be pretty much original. Show the world what we can make on survival!

?Inside DarqueCraft?
We're Whitelisted!
Roleplaying is encouraged!
We're friendly, playful and like to build!
PvP is ON- However ask permission before killing another player.
Spawn point includes Nether Portal then bridge to Spawn Town!
?New players will receive starter items to help them begin!
Elunria pays for the server, the max number of players is 20 so it's a small server. If growth is decided, donations will be accepted.
Events will be hosted- Such as the Ender Dragon!
We have TeamSpeak!

?Age: 18+?
This is an ADULT server, meaning 18+ only. I will make exceptions to those who are 17 depending on maturity. Though being an Adult server, expect adult conversations. Just because we're adults however doesn't give us the right to grief or harass others or cuss another out. I don't mind mature language but doesn't use it disrespectfully.

Interested and wish to fill out an application? Click the attached link to continue!

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