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SolarPVP Faction, MCmmo, Raiding Server!


SolarPvp is a brand new server commmited to having a well-balanced Hardcore Factions PVP community! Raiding, Griefing and Sacmming are all allowed, and are what make this gamemode so fun! Our server has plugins such as Mcmmo, BetterShop (In-Chat Economy Shop), Essentials, and of course Factions in hardcore mode (Meaning containers can be opened in claimed territory). The overworld border is 10 000 blocks, meaning you can be relatively safe but bases can never be fully secure! The end is not secured by any warzone or safezone claims, leaving it open for anyone you can get in! One of our biggest concerns was having donation packages that made the game unfair for players who did not want to donate. Therefore, the donation kits while giving an advantage to those who contribute ,leaves regular players with just as much of a chance as any donator with time and effort! Come join us today and compete to be the top player in the game!

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