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Roma Oritur


Roma Oritur is based in the year 220 BC, a time when the world flourished with varied cultures and peoples, and the mediterranean burst with trade while cities were populous and rich. Rome's power is still growing, the might of Carthage still threatens the majesty of Rome while the greek city states remain embroiled in their petty squabbles in Greece and Sicily and the Celtic tribes to the north war against foreigners and themselves.

Roma Oritur best simulates the ancient world, boasting a custom made Mediterranean map with numerous cities, all built to match historically accurate architecture and made to accommodate players as well. We are heavily based on realism, and so our faction wars and battles are fought accordingly, and the same goes for our economy and other events. We hold land battles across the map between factions in that geographical area, and battles are organized into rounds, however, there's also warzone areas in which random combat can occur. Naval battles also happen frequently, as we also have the Ships plugin which allows the construction and movement of ships!

Economy works mostly through a barter system - whatever someone will pay you for whatever you want to sell is basically what you'll get, however, gold is the official currency thoughout the factions. Tax collection varies between factions, though most collect taxes weekly in gold payments. Almost any land or property can be bought with gold, as well as ships and sometimes public buildings such as temples and theatres. It's possible to even create a private army, hire workers, gain slaves, or govern large areas of land within factions.

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