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Sioncraft Network

Sioncraft Network


Sioncraft Network has been around for almost 4 years. In our current state we provide the absolute best experience that we can to each and every player.

Towny Survival
The Towny Survival world features a rank system based upon your McMMO rank. There is an open economy allowing anyone who wants to create a town can, but you can also join another players town. If you want to be independent from a town you may also purchase Pstones which, when placed protect a 10x10 area. LWC will protect your chests automatically in this Anti-Grief world.


In this PlotMe Creative world you are able to claim two Plots that are 64xx64 blocks in size. Here you can build whatever you want in your plot or just admire other peoples work.


SkyBlock gives you the ability to live on your own island in the sky while completing challenges. There is a small mini-shop for all the times that you make an 'oops', but be warned It does cost money! Compete or play with your friends with a leader board that displays your island level only if your in the top ten.


This is a variation the the ever popular MineZ mini-game which is ultimately based off of the game DayZ. Here you can explore our completely custom map while fighting off evil zombies and searching chests for loot.

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