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SpeedBird's Minecraft [ Factions ][ PvP ][ HG ][ C


Welcome to SpeedBird's Minecraft server!

A brand new bukkit based server with pvp, games, factions and a creative world! Although many servers have these plugins, we have got sick of many classic mistakes on other servers and plan on delivering the best possible experience for everyone by making sure we don't make the same mistakes. We also hope to provide the best experience for anyone who joins by basing our server on the following points:
-Tight community
-Mature Admins/Community
-Only the most trusted & fair players get staff
-No free items or unfair advantages given to players, keeping it real is what makes it fun!
-Frequent security and server testings
-Suggestion based plugin choices
-Frequent server maintenance & speedy upgrades
The server has substantial anti-grief and hacking protection even though it is cracked! So everyone can play (if innocent). I (speedbird115heavy) will be on nearly 24/7 keeping an eye on everything too!
Why is it called SpeedBird? Eh why not?

Give it a shot!

P.S. If you would like to request a position on our staff team please contact me via my skype/email or if you have any other complaints/requests please contact me via skype/email:
Owner's Skype: speedbirdheavy115
Owner's Email:

Plugins installed on server: Spleef,PVP,CTF,Factions,WorldGuard,LWC etc.

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