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Brainsick is a simplistic Towny/Survival server running version 1.8

Brainsick is a server dedicated to providing a friendly experience to gamers regardless of age, experience, or time spent online. We use Multiverse to provide 2 worlds. (Not counting the Nether or The End)

Survival: We run this world on the idea of letting you do as much as possible in survival, while at the same time prevent others from ruining your fun. Currently 7,00x7,000 World Border (could expand in the future), our Survival world does not allow PvP, Griefing, Raiding, or Stealing. Members can either choose to work on their own, or utilize the Towny plugin and join a town of others, or eventually found their own town on the server.

Mineworld: This world is strictly for resource collection! If you chose to build your house in this world, it would eventually disappear, because Mineworld is reset every month!

Friendly Community

Staff are always online and willing to help! If a staff member isn't online, the Owner always keeps an eye on the console almost all the time!

Extensive ranks with a playtime based rankup system!

Active Towns!

MobArena - Fight alongside your friends with increasing difficulty as the game goes on!

Towny - Create a town with your friends and watch it prosper!

mcMMO - MMO-Like skill system with special abilities!

LWC - Lock your containers by command! No more pesky [Private] signs!
ChopTree3 - Lets trees act like cacti - remove a block and all blocks above are yieled too. Only works with Diamond axes.

floAuction - Auction items to earn money!

Votifier - Vote for rewards! We reward 100 per each website you vote for us on!

We are based around fairness and ethical behavior. No players, owner included, can spawn in items.
Staff members will not change your gamemode, change the weather, or give you free items or money.

Here at Brainsick, we do not tolerate profane language, troll-ish behavior, or disrespect towards players and staff members.
The staff at Brainsick aim to make your time spent on the server the best experience possible!

If you are looking for a community like us, you've come across the right place. We can't wait to see you online :)


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