This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Here is a short list of our servers features:
-=-=-=-==--=-=-Why You Should Play-=-=-=-=--=-=-=
We know how irritating it is when there a few people who donated for God armor well our server doesnt go over Natural enchantments.
-An incredible kit starter (full diamond gear,2 stacks of enchantment bottles, and 1 stack of obsidian.)
-Obsidian Breaker (so people are not hiding behind unbreakable walls)
-PlayerHeadDrops (bragging Rights)
-FloAuction (so anyone can make money)
============[[And Much More!]]=============
(Sorry but we gotta have them) Rules: -----Not allowed---- -No Hacking [hacked clients] [Mods that allow players to see through blocks] [mods that help players pvp] -No advertising -No Spamming -No Asking for *Free rank or in-game items -No fly abuse (will result in a ban) -No nick abuse (will result in a ban) -No Factions Spamming -------Allowed------
-Optifine -fullbright mod (Fullbright only this doesnt mean use a hacked client with fullbright. Find a fullbright mod and install it) -Yes you can scam -Cursing is allowed (but raging to much could be considered spam) -Betraying your faction is allowed
===============[]Have Fun[]===========

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