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======= DESCRIPTION =======
MysticGalaxy is a place where you can discovered the most pleasant location to stay and play. We have wide range of plugins to add more fun on top of the survival mode. We have many plugins for games as well to make your time well spent and enjoyable on our server. We also have mature staff in the server to make sure everything is well in place.

======= PLUGINS SHORTLIST =======
McMMO: This is a very simple addon for survival. It is commonly used as an achievement target for many players of ours, like getting to the top of the skills rank. It also makes survival more fun with the addition of different abilities on most tools. For instance, you can get more yield from fishing or multiple drops from mining, etc.

Towny: This allows you to create your very own town with full protection. Expand your town into a nation and trade with other towns and nations.

Auction: This gives you the ability to sell/ buy stuff from other community members. You may just sell anything in auction and get however much it is worth for.

Lottery: This allows you to put your in-game money into a lottery with other players and try your luck for greater rewards.

SilkTouch: This allows you to silktouch mine the spawner you found when exploring* **.

and many more.

'* The ability to mine spawner is only available after certain amount of playtime.
'** This requires an enchanted pickaxe with SilkTouch enchantment.

======= GAMES SHORTLIST =======
MobArena: This is the arena to get in-game money from killing mobs inside. There are multiple waves set up. The more waves you get passed, the more money you are rewarded.

CTF: Capture The Flag is a very popular game known from Team Fortress. We have built multiple arenas with custom settings to make your playtime more enjoyable.

And much more ingame.

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