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Adventure and Survive

Adventure and Survive 3.0


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Adventure and Survive 3.0

You can donwload the modpack from the Technic Platform here (click).

Special Features

-Teleporter NPC
-Random teleport
-Support for your own recipes
-Votifier (Earn money -> Buy Items from NPC-Shops)
-Daily Starterkit
-All Dungeon Loots are new (loots from other mods)
-Many Bosses with awesome drops (not easy)
-All Sounds are new , RPG music and new Monster-designs
-You can marry other players (multiple Inventories)
and many many more features...


-Farmworld [With pretty much Dungeons, Castles...]
-Tutorial Map
...and many more Modlike Maps

Many Mods like:

->Tinkers Construct
->Thaumcraft+Tinkers addon
->Galacticraft + Addons
->Ars Magica 2
->Better dungeons/chocolate quest

How to play:

  1. Please download the Techniclauncher here >TechnicPack<

2.Now download The modpack: Adventure and Survive 3.0
-> Search for the Modpack-name in the Techniclauncher

  1. Press "Start", wait a moment and then press "Play Online!" and have Fun

You can also play our other Modpacks + Servers


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