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Hydro PvP

General info:

Hydro PvP, is a server based on mostly pvp and includes minigames. It is classified as a hub server and includes:
Faction PvP/Raid: With Soup And CUSTOM EMERALD ARMOUR!

Kit PvP: You choose from 4 kits: PvP, Archer, Bararian And Pyro - Donate for more kits!

Creative Free build: Creative Free Build Allowes you to build on a non-griefable plot in creative mode, donate for more plots to claim!

Skyblock: You are stranded on an island and your job is to expand, you start out with essential items, such as wood items to create a cobble generator!

Capture the flag: We lied, this is less of a capture the flag but more of a Defend the castle, we are adding whole new maps to carry our a fun experience!

Paintball: You start out with 50 snowballs, you through them at your enemy and get them out of the game. Last team standing wins!

Spleef: Break wool blocks underneath you and drop your enemy to victory

Quake: You have an instakill rail gun that shoots fireworks at people, with a reload time, speed 2 and jump boost 2, this makes the game mode intense and enjoyable

We are always getting great ideas from you guys! So Submit them on our server forum:

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