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CMPS - The Custom Mod-pack Server


The CMPS server is running a custom mod-pack put together and maintained by the CMPS team and distributed through the FTB launcher.
This mod-pack is a mix of magic and tech, for a full list of mods you can visit our website at:
Most information about the server is located under the "Information" tab on the sites menu bar.

We also keep an up to date changelog and list of banned items on the site.
We ban certain items that can be used to cause significant damage or other server issues, we try to keep as many things un-banned as possible.

To get whitelisted on our server you have to submit a whitelist application via the enjin website.

*PVP is enabled, but we are not a PVP based server. It is on for the reason of having friendly duels and such. :)

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