This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RustyMC is one of the very few "unique" servers. Our server has an economy based mainly around farming, the player economy is whatever you make of it. Sell anything in your own chest shops. Pvp is enabled so watch your back, and be ready with a revenge plan in case someone takes you out. Create towns with protection so you can be the king of a small kingdom, or the mayor of a small camp in the vast barren land. Speaking of land, here on RustyMC we have a special map. We don't mind the normal minecraft generation, but we want to create a challenge and make the game more interesting and unique. There are no tree's, animals are hard to find due to the lack of dirt, yeah the map is a stone world, there is some grass around the little ponds of water you can find. We decided to play with every aspect we could without making the game feel like a mod pack, or some weird bukkit plugin. Crop grow times are lowered! Yeah I know, this sounds hard. The only way to obtain tree's is by buying sapling's from the spawn shop. We also have a special plugin which let's you transform items! All you need is a cauldron, we try to make a good market for everything, and this is the best way to make mining for cobble worth it and other things. Throw cobble or other items (list will be on forums when it's public) into the cauldron then if your lucky a more rare resource will pop back out! Now enough of me talking and wasting your time go play and have fun!

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