This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Vanilla Extract | Pure Vanilla SMP [NO BUKKIT]


Vanilla Extract | Pure Vanilla SMP [NO BUKKIT]

Do you ever wish you could play Vanilla SMP without admins messing with you, or dumb and unnecessary Bukkit plugins? Have you ever wanted to just be able to play Minecraft like a sandbox game, not a PvP game or RPG? Our goal is to provide a vanilla SMP experience free of hackers and abusive admins. In fact, we dont even use Bukkit or anything like it!


  • Use common sense and dont be a jerk
  • Its okay to grief peoples stuff - they should have hidden it better.
  • Dont expect the admins to do anything for you.
  • Dont cheat or hack.
    Some general guidelines:
  • Use a bed instead of ./home
  • Report any abusive admins or players to an owner.
  • Use coordinates and walk instead of teleporting.
  • If you dont want to get griefed, go far away from spawn.

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