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Whitereach Realms

Avalon Island (Skyland world.)
Crashed starship landmark (Klendathu world.)
Command ship (Spawn point for Space world.)

Whitereach Realms: Survival, Adventure, Multiverse, Economy, Roleplay

Whitereach Realms is a constantly-evolving server with many different aspects. WRR features several worlds with different ranks, permissions, and plugins to ensure that you are never bored! With three worlds already in existence and THREE more planned, WRR fulfills all your Minecraft multiplayer needs!

In the Main World, you are a member of the mystical society Hermetic Order of the Black Sun. In this world, your goal is advance through the 10 levels of Themelic teaching. Master the disciplines of alchemy, theurgy, and astrology and use it to your advantage!

In the Fantasy World, you are a member of the fabled Knights Templar! But there's a twist: sometime in the 14th Century (no one knows for certain) the Earth shattered in hundreds of chunks which have now been infested with hostile creatures, and technology has developed beyond what is normal for that time period. The Knights Templar, instead of disbanding, is still at large. Help advance the Knights Templar agenda by conquering other floating islands!

The Starship Troopers World, as its name suggests, is themed on the novels and movies of Starship Troopers. These worlds are PvE and PvP adventure maps. Battle hordes of Arachnids (spiders) and launch attacks on their hives! Will you fight with a team, or solo?

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