This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Cyanide Prison!The goal of the prison server is to gain money by doing various things such as mining, chopping trees, PVP'ing, selling things in order to work your way up the Ranks Ladder to freedom and luxury!!

Rank information

C Prisoner
Being a C-Blocker is your only starting point in the prison, you are limited to mining and chopping wood to make money. Most majority of the prison evolves around this part of the prison, so crime, violence, events are usually around here. Guards tend to spend more time here also.
B Prisoner
B-Block is just the second rank in the long ladder of things to unlock,but to climb up this ladder more money is needed. A brand new mine with new ores, and less PvP make prison life easier. Also you gain access to free food at the Chicken farm, and a low level enchantment table!

A Prisoner
From A-Block onwards you begin to start enjoying prison life to the fullest, you may find that ranking up is easier from here on out. Not only do you gain access to a new mine with DIAMOND, but also a Pig Farm, Higher Enchantment table and less PVP to worry about!

Probably one of the most luxury blocks on the server,you are now approaching the top of the ranks ladder! You gain access to a large mine with almost every ore + there is less PVP!

You are now the last prisoner rank! Woohoo! In this block, you now gain access a level 30 enchantment table, an even better mine + Shop, and a Cow spawner!


You have finally earned your freedom! You may now access the factions world and be on your way. Prison rules are not enforced here. Stealing and Griefing IS allowed in the factions world. You may come back to the prison at any time, but you must follow prison rules whilst inside!
As Hero you have access to the Hero's block with an amazing enchantment shop!
As a Lord you have access to the Lord's block with an even cheaper enchant shop, an even better mine than before!

The overlord is currently the highest rank, making you superior to other prisoners! The Overlord block consists of a great mine with an even cheaper enchantment shop! (You also are feared by other prisoners!)

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