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Welcome to ReVampedPVP

We are a 24/7 Factions PVP Raid server looking for people that are interested playing minecraft in a different way.Notable differences about our server is the custom potions and armor. The starter kit comes with 2 custom potions and health-boosting armor. You get an extra heart and also the potions help reduce your chance of being spawn-killed.

We have Auctions, An Economy, Player Shops, Server Shops, Donation Ranks, Custom Potions, Custom villager Shops, Custom armor and weapons. You are not limited to 10 hearts.

This adds a new PVP aspect to watch out for. You might be in shining diamond armor while your opponent only has iron armor. But your opponent might have a shield potion on (adds extra health). His armor might give him lots of health and make him do more damage. His sword might have a 15% chance of doing 20 Damage. So choose your opponents carefully.

The admins made some pre-built bases and hid some random loot around the map to help you get started.

We are also taking player suggestions. If you have any problems or suggestions please use /helpop [message] in-game or leave a comment below.
Thanks and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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