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Fireworks atop the Harbor City Mansion
The pirate ship outside of The Docks
Venture to the Admin Mine behind Harbor City
Visit the Warp Gate to travel to The Islands
The marvelous Grand Tree on The Islands

About our Server

The Bureaucracy PvP server is one of the most exciting 1.6.2 servers. Our server has a majority of features to make the community a fun and enjoyable place for all our members. We have an incredible architectural design across our main cities, making it more useful and exciting to spend time in the sanctuaries. We have cities in the forest, under water, in the air, and in the depths of the nether!

We also have a large amount of functionality in our server. First off we have an active economy in which you can use digital currency to buy and sell to other players. Players can set up shops to advertise their merchandise and even complete transactions while offline. The money you make on our server can be made to purchase a plethora of rewards, ranging from a run through the exclusive admin mine, buying land, or even purchasing a rare mount! Players have the ability to buy protected land on our server to protect themselves from the PvP world! Players can also lock all chests and doors they own for extra precaution. Our server has a plethora of additions which makes playing here a more fun and exciting experience!

Starting Simple

In our community, we understand that you just want to have fun. Who wants to spend 20 minutes on a server just learning the basics of making a house? On our server, we have created a simple, easy to understand introduction that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We call it, Tutorial Island! It condenses all the information you need to know about our server into a short quick walk through. And just to make the journey seem a little more rewarding, you'll receive a complementary gift upon completion before your sent to the world. We want you to have as much fun in our world as possible, so we'd like to equip you with the tools to do so. Simply type /kit starter to receive a free range of tools, food, and a bit of materials to get you started.

Once in our world, there are always plenty of community managers to give you a helping hand. At any time, you can type /helpop followed by your question to receive help from an administrator on our server. And if an admin doesn't happen to be on at the time, feel free to ask in chat. There are always helpful players who are willing to lend a hand!

Bringing Home the Bacon

We realize that in Minecraft, it's nice to have a goal in mind. Now setting up camp and mining out that bit of diamond is all good fun, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while. The best part of our server is our player based market place. Players have the ability to buy and sell items with other players. We have an economy mod which allows players to pay from a digital currency. This currency can also be used to purchase things from the server such as access to exclusive mining location, horses, plots of land, shops, and more!

The best part of the system is that it's run by the players. You can set up your own shop either in the market place or elsewhere, and have a complete shop ready to sell to players interested in your merchandise. We even offer a slab shop system as to avoid you losing sales because you were offline. When you return, you just type /collect to get your profit. The system is designed to make player interaction a must. It makes the world more social, more connected, and more exciting!

Getting Around

With the release of patch 1.6.2 and the introduction of horses, the travel system has been completely revolutionized in Minecraft. We've made sure to take full advantage of this update and introduce a mount system for our world. Players can store mounts in their digital stable and summon them at any time they need to. When their horse is left behind, it dismisses to their stable until they summon it again.

Players can find horses in the wild, use a name tag on it, and the horse is then bound to their digital stable. However, since finding horses in the wild isn't the easiest task, we've added the option for players to buy their own mounts from the server. They can buy horses of all types, including the undead and skeleton horses. Players have a wide variety to choose from to be able to customize their own personal mount!

Check us out on The Fly!

Can't get around to logging on? That's no problem, you can check out a live Google Maps style map of our server at any time by visiting Our live updated map shows every player online and where they are. You can enter the 3D view and check out the main world, the nether and the end. You can even chat with players on the server via the web chat!

Enjoy Your Stay!

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our server and hope to see you online! If you have any questions, feel free to check us out on twitter @BureauGaming! You can also visit us on our forums at where you can find all the information about our server and our clan. Thanks again for checking us out and we hope to see you online!

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