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DarkMist Minigames! - With ShotSurvivalPVP (Guns)



Server IP:
(Don't Forget The Port! 25566!!!)

What We Are About:
We are a server based on many minigames you see everywhere. Including The Survival Games, QuakeCraft, GhostHunt, Hide n' Seek, and more!!! You spawn with 3 Hub Portals leading to other game types, and in front of you the Survival Games Hub! There is more where that comes from, so come check out our server!

Shot Survival PvP:

Our newest gamemode ShotSurvialPVP! Essentially it is basically PvP with guns but theres even more too it. You craft your own guns, you craft the ammo for some guns. And you can PvP, we have factions as the main thing. Theres more to ShotSurvivalPvP than what I just stated, so come check it out for yourself! And Join the server at

Basic Rules:

  1. Be Respectful To Everyone
  2. No Spamming, Advertising, Vulgar Words, Cursing, Etc.
  3. No Bypassing Anything
  4. No Hacked/Modded Clients, & no external mods!
  5. Use Common Sense

Note: I am looking for someone to make a cool animated banner! (Photoshop nub here)

Edit: 2 New Minigames! Bow Spleef and Counter Strike!
Edit2: Another new Minigame! One In The Chamber!

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