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Turbo Formula


Here at the Turbo Formula we have a dedicated team just for maintaining your satisfaction with our server, don't like an addon? message us about it and we will sort it out, have a feature that you would like added to our server? message us about it.


  • Cheat prevention, We use the latest plugins to stop people from cheating on our servers
  • Lag prevention, we use the latest plugins to eliminate lag so you get the best experience possible on our servers
  • Online Map to see and talk to your friends if you are away from your game, or even to be used as a companion map to help with factions
  • New Player Rewards - We like having new players, so we reward new players with a small celebration and a starter pack to help new players begin on our server
  • Lockable Doors and Chests - No one likes to have their things taken so we have added lockable doors and chests to stop other players from walking in and taking your stuff
  • Password Protected Account - When you join us use /register to register your account with a password to stop people from messing around with your account
  • MobArena - We use MobArena to allow players to test their skills either solo or with others to get the rewards for their skills
  • Trees automatically collapse when you destroy the bottom block, a new sapling is then planted in it's place
  • NoSwear - We adopt a three warning system when it comes to swearing, we want our server to be kept family friendly and swearing will automatically be blocked
  • Report players with ease - Although we are trying to stop everyone that is ruining our server it is only with your help that we can get rid of any griefers or cheaters
  • Factions - Make your own faction or join someone else's and try to get the biggest faction on the server, maybe you could even try and rule the world!

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