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KingConquest is a multi server network where we currently have these servers: Conquest, Creative and Prison but plan on adding more in the future!

Creative Server is pretty self explaining, it's creative with plot's.
Prison Server is also pretty self explaining, OP PRISON

Short description:
Conquest is our baby thou as it contain our custom made plugin for the server.
Conquest is CTF (Capture The Flag) But on a MUCH larger scope, basically think CTF but World Domination. Capture Villages get rewards and fight the enemy all in one!
With it we have a VERY good chat plugin

Detailed Description:
Conquest is a type of gamemode for players of all different ages can come and have a different experience with Minecraft,

The game evolve around Kingdoms, Erion and Celesti ( More will be added in the future). Each Kingdom will try to Conquer the
world just like an Advanced CTF type of game play, Each village will give you different kits to help you destroy your enemies or help you build.
Conquest is a PvP/PvE server so do come have fun with our brand new Custom Mobs! and Custom Plugins! Enjoy and have Fun!!.

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