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The Oracle is a full RPG Survival server with a twist, we have awesome RPG aspect like over 200,000 custom loots, mob drops loots, a complete second world set to hard with all mobs dropping legendaries. Mcmmo has been tweeked and don't forget to complete our Oracle Guardian story lore to get a complete set of Oracle Guardian gear and become the O.G!

The Oracle Lore:

The Oracle,

Our planet was attacked by the Varkums 4 years ago leaving nothing behind but a empty devastation floating in space, we managed to save the one thing the Varkums came for, The Oracle.
We were forced to leave and make home on a distant planet called Selarbis, thankfully this planet is rich in Emeralds and Diamonds the two very ores our Oracle feeds and harvest it's power from.
As our new world developed so did the Varkums hunger for blood, the thought of a battle drawing closer everyday was on the minds of all Travelers and Selarbians ( normal towns people) so the Titans decided to make the journey to find the hidden Emerald city of Azkar. Forging picks from dragon fire they broke through the mountains of Azkar and found the hidden Emerald City.

The Titans forged a great mine and turned it into a sacred place and enchanted it with guilding potions. The ores they found deep down they fed to Oracle, this made the Oracles power 100% and ready for drawing from by our guardians ( our most prestiges warriors ).
The guardians then forged there weapons and tools from the the Oracles power and offered there soul to the Oracle, once fully committed to our Oracle a huge beam of light came from the sky encapsulating the Oracle and the Guardians in a ball of glowing stone, this binding effect was known to the people as "Shronis" when the powers of the Oracle empower a living being and turn them into a living super power!

The Oracle Guardians were forged! "protector of Selarbis, guardians of our realm" "Shronis"

Your job is to complete this journey, find the the lost mines, complete the lore and take down every last Varkum you see, bring salvation and peace to our people. But remember, you can't complete this journey without a complete set of Oracle Guardian Gear!

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