This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hyper Craft


Hyper Craft

Do you just want to have fun and enjoy the game come and play some skyblock meaby some pvp or survival games
server webiste

General Rules!

1:Don't grief

2:Do not use any hacks

3:Don't swear

4:Don't be and smartass

5:Obbey staff

6:Don't argue with staff or other players

7:Don't complain bout stuff

8:don't just come on and ask for op and to get staff!

9:Only speak English in chat

10:Don't Ask for items/staff/special commands

11:Do not advertise other servers

Survival Games Rules

1:Don't use hacks

2:Be nice to others

3:Don't complain

Factions/Survival Rules

1:Obbey staff

2:You can grief so protect your land

3:Do not claim spawn

4:Do not claim around spawn

This will result in BAN From survival world

5:Use common sence

Skyblock Survival Rules

1:Be nice

2:Have fun

Creative Rules

1:Don't build rasist/offencive things!

2:Don't build genitalia

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