This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Server Games:

Survival Includes Lockette, Factions, and griefing is aloud!

Survival Games Includes the Map Survival Games 6 By Vareide


  1. No swearing or saying mean hurtful words to other players.

  2. No spamming, it will result in a kick or a ban!

  3. Rank [Helper] and [Mod] is open, apply at, so don't ask for staff, just apply!

  4. Respect all players and staff!

  5. Use common sense..

    Server News:

    Factions plugin added, sadly the Faction tag does not show up next to your name, so wait till we get a new Faction plugin if you don't want one without the tag next to your in chat name.

    Survival Games plugin added, only got SG 6, will upload more maps when more people start joining and liking a new map.

    MobArena added, waiting for plugin update!

Go to the Book & Quill for server info and how to apply staff!

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