This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Here at Craft-o-Holic we care about our community, we make sure that we provide the best support to our members. We are constantly expanding our server for better play experience. We have a dedicated staff team ready to help you from day one. We also have a website, come join us on the forums!
We have a good website and we have a good donatino store. We put hours of effort into the server and would love for anybody who views this to come say hello
Our rules are simple and easy to follow, and most simular to other server rules.

No Hacking
No Spamming
Do not talk in all caps
Respect all members of the community' any; any community members breaking rules should be reported immedietly!
No asking for ranks (This inculdes operator!)
Keep swearing to a minimum
Punishments for Rule Breaking:
Again, punishments are simple, and should be very easy to avoid.

First time is a warning, if the hack is not taken off, another waring is given. After this and orders are still being disobeyed, a temp-ban wil lbe taken place for the time of 24 hours!
Mute for 24 hours, if carried on afterwards: 48 hours. Beleive it or not, there is something after this! After a silly amount of spamming, there will be a perm mute, until a staff member feels it's necessary to take it off!
Talking in all caps is depenant on what you say in caps lock, and depends on how it is said. If it is shouting for example, by purpose, it will be a 3 hour mute, then 6, then 12 after that, it is permanent.
This depends on how a community member is being disrespected. Verbally abused is a straight 3 hours, then 12, then 24, if carried on; permanent.
No asking for ranks is a straight-on 2 hour mute. After that, 2 hour mute also.
If swearing is being used alot, then a mute will be given by a staff member. The staff member decides how long the mute is.

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