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Hey, i'm not gonna yell to you about how were better or how we defeat all the others. most likely we don't... i mean everyone likes it different.

Why i made this server: At first, it was for just me and my friends. However that was boring and i thought "You know what? I need players." and then.. "Dang ill need some staff too" so here i am trusting players with the fate of my server. lets have fun and drop the salesman crap.

1.) Greifing is not allowed. You work hard for it, it's wrong to have others simply destroy it out of spite.
2.) Respect private property, don't bother what's not yours without owner's permission.
3.) Don't use the plugins for Solar Flares, or Lava falls. They're cool looking but cause a lot of damage, so if you're determined, ask first.
4.) PvP IS ALLOWED. However, if someone doesn't wanna fight don't hit them.

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