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BuildItRealms 2.0 - Hybrid


BuildItRealms 2.0!

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Vote everyday for $1000 of In-Game Cash, 3 Diamonds, and 100 EXP!

What is BuildItRealms?
Well, for those who are unaware of our awesome server: BuildItRealms is a server that started back in Feburary, 2014. Now, you might think that this server is new, well you are right and wrong at the same time. The idea of BuildItRealms was indeed created back in Feburary, however it is an extension of an older server that started back in 2011 called SonCraft. The idea was stopped as popularity was going down, so I decided to make a whole new idea. So me and some of my friends came together and though of a new server idea, and then the idea of BuildItRealms was born. My staff members put a lot of their time into building the server, while I was in the background, coding and setting up the configurations for the server. We are currently running on a 8 GB VPS hosted by DemonVPS that is located in the US. I myself get a ping of 60-100 MS, and I live on a 4MBit internet connection in Canada. The server is planned to be on 24/7, however the server can be offline if there is issues etc.
Want to support our server?
You can support our server in multiple ways, including: voting for the server, donating, or even telling your friends. While we like having users enjoying them self on our server, money doesn't grow on trees. (I wish :P) By donating to our server, you will be supporting us, and receive awesome perks. Our lowest rank is $5.00 US and it comes with over 20 perks, and comes with more then 7 slots of valuables. You can donate to our server today at or on our website at and clicking "Shop"!

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