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MCTantrum 1.20.1 | Slimefun | Ranks | Eco | PvE


Slimefun: Good old Slimefun with old addons (even STB!) and many newer ones, working together nicely for you to create huge storage systems and farms
Free Ranks: Massive rank chain with 16 ranks and a prestiging system with 16 more ranks, giving you plenty of short term and long term goals; absolutely 100% all free, we do not sell anything that isn't cosmetic in nature
Custom Content: Custom resource pack which gives us the ability to have customized armor, tools, and weapons, charms, etc. not to mention homemade dungeons, warps, and other fun places!
Economy: Player-ran economy with a stonks-like server shop
Badlands: Super dangerous world worthy of the most OP gear you can get your hands on! Defeat dungeons, bosses, and mobs or build your base in this custom generated terrain
Support: 2 active owners who play on the server daily and keep detailed changelogs for transparency

There's much much more to our server than what's here, but you'd get bored reading! Come over and give it a try if it sounds like something you might be interested in, we'll be there waiting!

〚Events〛〚Economy〛〚Slimefun〛〚Ranks〛〚Quests〛〚EliteMobs〛〚SlimefunAddons〛〚ModelEngine〛〚Oraxen〛〚DynamicShop〛〚AdvancedEnchantments〛〚KeepInventory〛〚DynMap〛〚Lands〛〚Jobs〛〚HeadsDB〛〚AuctionHouse〛〚McMMO〛〚Spawners〛〚Crates〛〚SignShops〛〚VoteRewards〛〚Treefeller〛〚DankTech〛〚OP Items〛〚Networks〛〚TokenShop〛

• Great combo of Slimefun addons
• Actually NO pay to win!
• No world resets

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