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VexCraft is all about the community. We have an economy system called iConomy. You can pay and/or get paid by players. You can live in the wilderness and fend off a random passerby if they try to steal or grief your place. We have an Anti-Grief plugin called towny that disallows TNT to set off in towns and destroy your hard earned hours spent on creations so none of your creations will go to waste. Creepers are friendly to the environment here, so if they blow something up, it will repair itself.... Slowly. Our staff is great, every day achieving to become better in all ways to further service the community of our server. We have a Creative world, Survival World, a Small Parkour Practice Lava PIT! and much more that we hope will further your experience in Minecraft; and we’re STILL building more creations for you, the community. By default, the server is free to play. If you wish to gain more features, you can always donate to our server to receive more plugins for your use, and also better the server experience; we’re adding more plugins for the donators experience to intensify! You can always donate to our server on our website It helps us upgrade and improve our server and your experiences. Thanks and Enjoy the server!

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