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  1. Do Not Spam.
  2. Be Respectful To All Members.
  3. Do Not Advertise.
  4. Do Not Make Any Racist/Sexist Comments.
  5. No Homophobic Language.
  6. Complaining Will Irritate Staff Further.
  7. Do Not Ask For Staff.
  8. Abusing Staff Will Not Be Tolerated.
  9. Staff Asks You To Stop Doing Something, Stop.

  10. The Best Way To Help Our Server Is To Donate: Donate Here
  11. Diamond Us On PMC
  12. Subscribe To Us On PMC
  13. Favourite Us On PMC
  14. Vote For Us On PMC

Server Instructions:
Step 1: Travel out of spawn via Left Path.
Step 2: Right Click the gold block.
Step 3: Now choose which magic you want.
Step 4: This will take you to Magnolia
Step 5: Choose which guild you want to join.
Step 6: You will need to talks to its Guild Master.
Step 7: Earn Money Through tournies and fights.
Step 8: Buy a house and take part in events.
Step 9: Contribute possitively to the server.

The Official Fairy Tail Server,
The Fairy Tail Server is a RPG and PVP Server
We have a lot of Magic Spells and other things to keep our players
entertained and busy your fun is our goal and Events are held all the time.
So why not join us?
We are fun and interactive to all c:

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