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  • Quake
  • BlockHunt
  • SurvivalGames
  • Parkour

Other things:

  • Normal Survival with Lockette chest protection
  • Marriage plugin marry your friends now :)
  • Relaxing garden with afk pool

Don't Spam, Hack, Swear, Advertise, Glitch, ask for op/items/ranks
Don't annoy mylittlesg
Respect your fellow people
Advertise me
Vote 4 nothing
Have fun
and be the best

Donor Ranks:
Donor 5 Usd (look in the server for the specs)
Donor+ 10 Usd (look in the server for the specs)

SurvivalKit 2 Usd (look in the server for the specs)

Unban 2 Usd

Website Donations:
Every year 1 donor can buy
this for 20 usd to get us a website for 1 year

Staff List:
-=[Owner]=- partyian
-=[Staff]=- Xswatrx
-=[Staff]=- festisanton


  • imageonmap plugin

If you have ideas or plugins we can use post your ideas in the comments!

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