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HP-Craft A mmorpg server


Welcome to HP-Craft. The Harry Potter MMORPG Minecraft Server.

This server is currently in very early beta. Due to this the server is whitelisted and will temporarily only be available to those who fill out the application form found below.

This server offers the greatest MMO experience for all Harry Potter fans, it provides you with the ability to explore a 1:1 scale Hogwart. The name of the original creator of the map has not been provided, however we have significantly modified at least 80% of the map.

During your time on the server, development will still be being made, whether this be building, plugin management, or both. Below you can find a list of things to participate in, in both the current patch, and future patches.

Patch 1 (Current patch):

-Duel your friends in 1v1 Harry Potter style duels using our Harry Potter Spells plugin.
-Explore a 1:1 scale of Hogwarts.
-Interact with Harry Potter fans just as crazy about HP as you!
-Get sorted into a house using our Sorting Hat quiz feature.
-Earn points for your house, using our automatic Harry Potter House points plugin.
-Donate and unlock 6 new spells.
-Donate and unlock 4 new areas! (Kingscross Station, Platform 9 3/4, Quidditch Pitch, Ministry of Magic)
-Donate to unlock the ability to buy a pet!
-Attempt the Tri-Wizard Maze and be heavily rewards!
-Complete daily quests and earn Galleons.
-Spend your galleons in Diagon Alley! (On robes, wands etc)

Patch 2:

In patch 2 and onwards, we plan to create more areas for you to visit, such as;
-Malfoy Manor
-The Burrow
-And more!

The more you play the higher year you'll become, starting from First Year, and ending up in Seventh Year. Who knows, you might even become a prefect!

Trust us when we say the ultimate roleplay MMO experience! I mean, if you break the rules you get locked up in Azakaban!

A list of spells can be found below, feel free to copy and paste them, you won't remember them all!

Please note Not all spells will be available for you, the higher year you are, the more spells you will unlock. Some spells will be for donators only!


Accio: Pulls nearby item drops towards the caster

Aguamenti: Places water were you are looking

Alarte Ascendare: Propels the target into the air

Avada Kedavra: Kills the target (Donator Only)

Avis: Shoots a flock of chickens from your wand

Confringo: Shoots an explosive fireball

Confundo: Confuses the target

Crucio: Raises the target in the air, and kills them. (Donator only)

Deprimo: Slows the target

Episkey: Heals the target

Evanesco: Makes you vanish (Donator Only)

Expelliarmus: Disarms the target

Finite Incantatem: Removes all potion effects and unpetrifies the target

Glacius: Encases the target in ice (Donator Only)

Homenum Revelio: Reveals players near the caster

Incendio: Ignites the target

Magna Tonitrus: Shoots a bolt of lightning

Multicorfors: Recolors the targeted sheep/wool

Obscuro: Blinds the target

Orchideous: Spawns a rose

Petrificus Totalus: Petrifies (cancels all movement of) the target (Donator Only)

Reducto: Blasts through solids objects

Reparo: Repairs all inventory items and equipped armor

Sectumsempra: Slowly harms the target

Sonorus: Broadcasts your voice ("global" chat) (Donator Only)

Spongify: Negates fall damage for 10 seconds

Stupefy: Stuns the target

Wingardium Leviosa: Allows temporary flight (Donator Only)

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