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GLGAMERS ~ Towny ~ Survival ~ Economy ~ Shops ~ Sk


Server IP: S.GLGAMERS.Net TeamSpeak 3 IP:


GLGAMERS is a gaming community. It was first started by Gareth also known as GLGAMERS/SwagBoss (MC Name) The name GLGAMERS Originated from his YouTube Channel. It then became a community name after starting up a small server and using TeamSpeak. From that moment in time the GLGAMERS Community has many new members.

GLGAMERS had then changed into a public server that has many new members everyday.
As of now we decided to launch a brand new server that consists of Towny and Economy put together.
We started this server around the 1st May 2013!

About the server:

The GLGAMERS Towny server has 20 Slots available with a great amount of RAM to prevent any type of lag. The server has quite a few staff which will try to help out with any problems you encounter during your stay. However, running a server can be quite tough which is why we need you to help us! Do you have experience with running a server or being staff? Give a shot and apply for a staff rank at our forums!

Our server features many plugins which other servers don't! These include plugins which enable you to create factories, auto miner, auto digger machines and more, yet your Minecraft DOES NOT NEED ANY MODIFCATION!

Just like most other servers, we do rely on donations to keep the server alive. We have many donators already and the perks are really good for the price. Some donor perks you can have are backpacks, fly, machines and more! You can donate at our webstore! You can donate from just £5.00 and all donations are permanent!

We also have many skills using MCMMO! So this means you can level up your skills by doing things you like such as Mining, Woodcutting, Killing mobs etc!

Not just that but we also have a jobs plugin so you get money as well! You can join a job by browsing for one typing /Jobs Browse then /Jobs join JobName

How does the server work:

The system is very easy, we have two worlds Mining world and the other Towny World. The Towny world you must join or create your own town to be able to build. Where as the Mining world is used for collecting resources to then sell and make enough money to create a town. Towns cost $5,000 to create so you will need to gather enough money to be able to create a town.

Be warned it may be hard for you to run a successful town as you will need to pay a daily upkeep which occurs every real 24 hours. The daily upkeep is $10 for basic towns but when the town gets bigger the upkeep will increase. The best way to run a town is to generate enough money to then sell your town plots at around $300 or $400 so that way people will buy the town plots and that money will go directly into the town bank. You can also set up town tax so every player in that town will need to pay a daily tax every real 24 hours. This is great to also help keep the town alive. Be sure not to set the prices to high as people may not like to pay a huge amount.

Default Player Commands List:
Below is a list of commands which the default players can use. Donators get more and better commands.
/ModReq Message (This command is used when you need help from a staff member)
/Status (Check your status of the current ModReq you submitted)
/Mods (Online Moderators or higher)
/Balance or /Bal (Shows you your money)
/DelHome HomeName (Deletes your home)
/SetHome (Sets your home)
/home (Teleport to your home)
/Kit tools (Get your kit tools every hour!)
/List (Shows who is online on the server)
/Motd (Shows you the servers Message of the day)
/Msg player (Send a message to a player)
/Pay player amount (Pay money to a player)
/Rules (Read the server rules)
/tpaccept (Accept a teleport request)
/tpdeny (Deny a teleport request)
/spawn (Teleports you to spawn)

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