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Civcraft Roleplay [Modern] [Guns] [Roleplay] [Mili


Welcome to CivCraft official page!
Civcraft MC is a player friendly server with a great community.
We are a roleplay server that doesn't shove the lore down your throats, like many other servers.

You were born to a nation of takers, not givers. With the impending force of economic collapse and more, can a society too selfish to do otherwise, withstand future impact?

Plugins and Server
This server is a 1GB SSD, SpartanHost server with several plugins to enhance RP as well as survival. The server has a wonderful, at the moment, small community with several good staff members. We have a fully functional player economy, and a player run government and political system which enhances RP even further.

This server doesn't force you to participate in ANY RP Events, we try to make them as fun as possible, though. We take roleplay very seriously, and very lightly. We make RP events relevant to the time and events that make you think. The RP is a life of a person who just immigrated, or was born to a nation. We try to expand on that by giving people nicknames, jobs, etc.

What to do
Once you log in you will be put in spawn, read around the rules and roleplay etc, to find what you need to do. Go to /warp airport to go to the main city. Once you are at the main city, look around to find a suitable house. Houses that are free are usually skinny and 3 stories tall. Then you should find a job, the Velecian army is always looking for people. Then once you have settled, live your life!

-Head Admin

Thanks for reading, join us soon!

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