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Welcome to MozartRealms


On MozartRealms, the players come first. This server is run by experienced, mature and easy-going staff, who will always endeavour to meet your needs and give you the best playing experience possible.

MozartRealms is a PvP Raid server with a darker twist – you have the option of becoming a Vampire or Werewolf* to aid you in hunting down and pillaging your enemies. Each come with their own special abilities, such as night-vision, invulnerability to mobs and increased speed and agility (among many others), but also their own weaknesses.

These added elements give MozartRealms a distinct and immersive atmosphere – roleplayers are welcome!
MozartRealms has been running consistently since early 2013. Through years of experience (as well as a trusted and reliable host), the server has been optimised to run smoothly with minimal bugs or downtime.

Some of our plugins:

  • Factions
  • Vampire
  • *Werewolf (currently disabled)
  • McMMO
    • Many more

Join us at
Or visit to find out more!

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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