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pin_drop (private server)

We're in Version Number 1.13.0 right now. Using Plugins too help make the experince more fun for everyone~ We're a Whitelist server, and yes its a Vanilla SMP server. The Difficulty is set to Hard Though. So be prepared to die a lot. <3

Some unique non-vanilla things added with our plugins include.

Teleporting, you can set up to 5 homes, and there are server-wide warp points for community areas~

Shopkeepers. You can build your own shopkeeper to trade items, or use one of the NPC shop keepers at spawn to trade~

You can trade for items you can't normally get in Vanilla with the NPC Shops at Spawn. Such as Spawn Eggs for every mob, Spawners for certain mobs to build farms with. Looting 7 on any weapon, Efficiency 7 for your pick or axe. Fortune 7~ And a lot more. Things in the shops cost a LOT of diamonds, so its only fair we make it easier to get those diamonds. You can sell any ore block to an NPC at spawn for Diamonds, and there is an NPC that has all Villager type trades where they buy items from you for Emeralds. (Which in turn can be sold for Diamonds if you wish)

One more thing! We have Mob Heads~ Everything in the game drops its own head! (With different drop rates for different mobs!) And we're clever~ You'll need these mob heads to buy the Spawners from the shops. Collect them all~ :3

We of course have the Grief Prevention plugin. In-fact, here's a list of Plugins.

ChatEx :
CoreProtect :
EpicSpawnersLite :
GriefPrevention :
InventoryFull :
LuckPerms :
NameTagEdit :
Ultimate Mob Heads :
Shopkeepers :
Teleport+ :
Vault :

To join us you need to first join our Discord, and then fill out an Application to join. In order to be whitelisted.

Discord Link:

Thank you~ And we look forward to having you with us~

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