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HazedPvP is a 1.8 factions, economy and mccmo server.

    We offer a variety of custom plugins to enhance your gamming experience. Some of these are: Custom pvp, and Custom enchatments. Custom Pvp is one of our finest custom plugins, it would allow you to obtain "+10 health" when wearing a certain set of armor. You would also be able to add "+10 damage" on your sword. If you are afraid of this being too OP, I will let you know that these items will be hard to obtain, with a low craft rate of only 5%. 

    We have hand picked staff who earn their ranks. Staff is given by trust. Our  staff are some of the best you can find, they are; dedicated to help you enhance your gaming experience here at HazedPvp. They are trust worthy, if there is a bug at your base and you ask them to teleport to you, they wont use the opportunity to raid, but instead they will help you. They are reliable, if you told them that a bug happens at 1am everyday, they will stay on to see it and help all affected by it. Last but not least they are professional, they will not make basic spelling mistakes, they will not abuse, and they will not cause arguments in public chat. 

    HazedPvp has one of the finest websites you can find. With a cool mixture of background colors, to a professional staff team that moderates it, we have everything any good server needs. We also give out coupon codes for big sales off your cart if you are registered! For example 25% off your whole cart! Why wouldn't you want to save money and get more? 

   We offer a extreme mixture of pvp, factions, survival, economy. On this server only the best of gamers could survive taking their faction to the top. We hope to see you online soon!

-HazedPvP Network and Staff

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