This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Zenyth creative


Welcome to Zenyth creative! A simplistic and easy going creative experience. We at Zenyth use a basic PG (Proving grounds) system to scale your ability on your first server build. Then a quick verification after PG. you go into the open world to build on your own we only ask you don’t build near PG. Most building styles are welcome we ask you refrain from building two things in PG Pyramids, statues of a Minecraft skin. Players gain ranks through many factors and moving through the ranks bring more tools and commands for you to use with your builds.

  1. No Greifing: We will find you and IP ban you
  2. No imprudent language: keep your moral ideals to yourself please as we do the same
  3. No excessive caps: NO ALL CAPS RAGE
  4. Respect our staff: as they respect you
  5. No hacking: You are not a hacker you are a script kiddy you will be IP banned.
    Please for any extra information feel free to join the server and ask. Our website is here

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