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Mega Realms


Welcome to Mega Realms! We are a nice community with regular factions, stocked with a custom gui shop, custom kit gui, custom made spawn, and many more coded things. You will find us at - Enjoy your stay, everyone is welcome here!

Vote every 24 hours for in-game rewards! This really helps us meet new players! Make sure to follow the rules, maybe invite some of your friends! Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.

Staff Applications are closed, but if you have a excellent application you have chances of getting accepted! Be active on the website by posting in the forums.

Staff you find here are nice and welcoming. If you ever feel violated/not welcomed please let me know, I will try my best to fix the problem. I do not like to deal with drama.

I can not promise that you will have something to do here. If so just take a break. Do not spam or be rude, we do not tolerate this here and we will ban you.

Staff, if you go on vacations for a extended amount of time you will most likely get demoted if you don't talk with me before you leave. Don't Forget!

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