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Welcome to Cronus PvP. We are a server that is experienced and who's main goal is to satisfy the players. With few rules and a great community, coming to this server will assure you a great experience that you will not be able to find at any other Server.

Looking to raid a base and destroy it with TNT? Cronus PvP will give you the best place to do this. Our Server has 5GB of RAM Essentially, only if you set off 300 or more blocks of TNT at once you will get lag. Otherwise, blast away!

We've spent months of time working on each of the Plugins, trying out new combinations of Plugins all so that by the time Players such as yourself join the Server, they know everything and can get right to fighting or building a base. We have Plugins like factions which will allow you to make a team, set up a base, and conquer the server! We have plugins like TopPvP, that keep track of your kills, deaths, and KD ratio, and displays the top players on leaderboards!

Our staff is laidback and loves to have a good time! We throw drop parties fairly often in interest of our players experience on the server. Looking for a fun, laidback, and skilled community?

Look no further, you have found it here, with Cronus PvP!

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